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Mountain Lupine
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Oregon Trek 2001 was a Wider Opportunity that took place this past August. This awesome Wider Opp. Involved a week of backpacking on the Pacific Crest Trail or the PCT, and a week exploring the Oregon Coast. There were 20 girl participants from all over the United States including: Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, Iowa, Indiana, Texas, Michigan, California, etc. and adults from California, Ohio, Georgia, and Connecticut. The Santiam Council hosted this event with some amazing staff!

In the picture to the left is the entire group in front of the Yaquina Head Light House. Part of the coast portion included learning about the area and it's wildlife and ecosystem. This included the light houses as they were very important to navigation along the coast. Also at Yaquina Head are multiple tide pools to explore (Below).

Here we are at Beverly Beach, our home for the coast portion, enjoying the sunset.

Below is a picture of the girls at the Aquarium about to enter the shark exhibit.
Can anyone tell me what the typical characteristics of a shark are??

The night of the Barbecue, Spike and Nanner started a Beach fire it was great. The smores were only second best!

A few of us were
lucky and had
two native
Oregonians take
us crabbing
...MMMMMM and
we ate them right
there on the beach!

Backpacking the Pacific Crest

Below is my group at the beginning of the hike....boy don't we look clean and comfy!

To the left the girls are building up a trail marker called a cairn.

To the right is the awesome snowfield we got to cross.

And below is three of us on our first day out!

During our week to backpack we had absolutely wonderful weather! Granted it was a bit cold for me as Connecticut summers are significantly warmer than the mountains of Oregon! But that's OK I got over it! I also have to say that the girls I packed with were GREAT! Everyone pulled their own weight and pitched in when they were needed. We also had a very large decision to make that the other group did not, and I have to say I was impressed with the level of maturity with which it was handled!

To the left is Jenna and a very large tree which she happily agreed to stand next to for scale. This was not the largest tree we saw along our hike but it serves the purpose of illustration!
below are the girls at the pass with Mount Jefferson behind them. We had beautiful weather for our hike over the pass! And Tamara posing with the elevation that point we realized we were going to have all the way down as well. The Mac and Cheese that night was AMAYZING!

After the hike!

We took a little trip to Walmart, and boy did we have is Tex and Jenna modeling the latest fashion in sunglasses!
And Lastly before we left....
Tex and Tamara snag a quick nap at I-hop!
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